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How to Pack for the Ultimate Weekend Getaway

No matter how much of a seasoned traveler you are, packing always remains a hassle. Packing light is not everyone’s forté, but with the right preparation it can be accomplished with ease. For a short trip, it's important to pack versatile clothing, multi-use toiletries and essential personal items that can all fit in a carry-on bag. We’ve got you covered with these key tips to pack smart for your next weekend getaway. Bon voyage!

Plan Versatile Outfits

First things first, a packing checklist starts with the wardrobe. Before curating your outfits, finalize the itinerary and check the weather. A busy weekend getaway requires multiple outfits for a variety of events so packing light is no easy feat. The key to packing a functional yet fashionable wardrobe is in classic pieces that can be styled in more ways than one. Take some inspiration from men’s and women’s fashion experts to build a travel wardrobe in 10 items or less. Once you have your foundation, pack accessories to easily transition a look from day to night or casual to dressy. Change your approach to packing by adopting a minimalistic style for a less stressful (but still stylish) trip.

Choose Durable Luggage

For your carefully-selected outfits, you need a great piece of luggage to hold it all. The ideal bag can fit multiple outfits and personal items without leaving wrinkles. A leather duffel bag is the perfect travel companion that has just enough space for a few days on the road. Look for one with interior pockets to separate accessories and intimates from clothing and shoes, as well as exterior pockets for quick access to a wallet or keys. A good travel bag also needs to endure the traveling elements; pick a full-grain, water-resistant leather with a zip closure to keep your items secure and dry. Along with durability, having a shoulder strap offers hands-free carrying while still looking sleek and sophisticated. We designed The MADRONA™ Duffel to have all of these features and more—making it the perfect weekend getaway bag.

Pack A Multi-Purpose Toiletry Bag

While on the road, you’ll still want the necessities—so skincare, cosmetics, and hair products are a must. But you can pack lighter by switching your everyday products with travel-size and multi-use versions without sacrificing any self-care. This also keeps everything TSA-compliant in case you’re taking a flight to your destination. Follow a checklist of essential travel products for men and women to keep it minimal. Your toiletry bag should be just big enough to hold all your basics and prevent products from leaking into your luggage. A classic leather dopp kit is a perfect solution for travel and can easily slip in your duffel to save space on-the-go.

Gather Essential Personal Items

The last thing to pack for your weekend getaway is your personal bag. You should have anything you absolutely need for your trip in case your larger bag should get lost. This list could include:

  • Wallet
  • Phone and laptop
  • Chargers
  • Passport
  • Headphones
  • Sunglasses
  • Medications
  • Glasses/contacts
  • Extra outfit

A medium-sized tote is perfect for traveling and can be used as a day bag once you’ve arrived at your destination. Pack your personal bag smartly and you’ll be prepared for any transportation or traveling nightmare.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack, because you’re more likely to throw in unnecessary items this way. Stay on track with checklists and proper organization. The most important aspect to packing light is folding. Pack your bag with heavy items on the bottom, such as shoes and jackets, stuff t-shirts and socks on the sides, then layer delicate shirts on top.

Bonus tip: Roll your clothing instead of folding to save more room and prevent wrinkling. Strategic folding can double the space in your duffel and make it easier to maneuver through your bag during your trip.

SLATE COLLECTION™’s leather goods keep the professional traveler in mind. Shop smart travel products that make your weekend getaways a breeze!

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